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Standing Firm
Indonesia's President says "we are not trigger happy"

Dr. Keith Suter
Sunrise Foreign Editor

Boston Manhunt
US Police believe suspect still in Masachussetts

The Follow Up
East Timor votes

Massacre in Syria
UN fails to take action

Terror Teens
Brothers were star pupils at an elite Sydney school

Korea Military Tensions
Will the war of words escalate to attacks?

Violent Protests
Police and protesters clash over soccer

Dark Day
5 Aussie soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Egypt Clashes
At least 17 reported killed in fighting

Tense Times
Indonesia says it's taking Australian concerns seriously

Australian Campaign For A Ministry Of Peac
Calling for a Minister and Department within Parliament to have a focus and peace perspective as part of Government policy and decision making.

Where The Rubber Hits The Road

Australia runs on roads

“Australia runs on roads and too often they are taken for granted.”

This was the central theme of global futurist and social commentator, Dr Keith Suter, in his keynote presentation to the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association’s (AAPA) 15th International Flexible Pavements Conference held in Brisbane in late September 2013.

Dr Suter made the point that while asphalt may never be as newsworthy as the vehicles that run on it, road surface technology makes a significant contribution to the Australian economy.

Australia Welcomes China At The G20 - 2014

Keith Suter is asked about Prime Minister Tony Abbott with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 leaders' summit.

Asylum Seeker Claims
Claims Tamils handed to Sri Lanka were tortured

The United Nations has expressed concern over Australia handing Sri Lankan asylum seekers back to the country's navy. Dr Keith Suter discusses claims the Sri Lankan government tortured the people seeking asylum.

Boston Bombing – Manhunt For Chechen Brothers

Sunrise foreign affairs editor Keith Suter looks at the Chechen link in the Boston bombing and what it means in terms of the US fighting home grown terrorism. To view click here

North Korea Nuclear Test Is An Act Of Defiance

US Shooting Tragedy

Dialogue with CPTM Member Dr Keith Suter

'Green on blue' attack

China — Japan Military Tension

Syrian Massacre

Al-Qaeda Bushfire Strategy

18 Years Since The Fall of Apartheid

Russian Election Vote Rigging

Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered an investigation into allegations of vote rigging in last weeks election. Nationalist groups have gathered in Moscow, demanding that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin step down from power. Thousands of people took to the streets yesterday to protest the result, in the largest anti-government demonstrations in more than 20 years. Sky News spoke to Dr Keith Suter from Global Directions think tank for his analysis on the developments.

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  Stella Cornelius Memorial Video


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   PIA State Conference

Dr Keith Suter lecture on global drivers for Australia's population

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The Threat of Terrorism  

A panel discussion on terrorism with Professor Peter Anderson, Dr Keith Suter and Professor Clive Williams

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   Macquarie University Lecture  

Dr Keith Suter lecture at Macquarie University on the
Global Financial Crisis (July 2010)

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Big Ideas for Oz

Keith Suters speaks to Sunrise about how Australia can Flourish in the future

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  Precinx Launch  

Keith Suter discusses the environment

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